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The purpose is to serve the cultural service:

Customers find it easy to trust us.

Each customer contact is positive.

Customer relationships are developed from the customer's needs.

One of the indicators of customer satisfaction and the quality of our business is: in each of the macro chemical fiber customer satisfaction can be at a very high level. In addition, we regularly conduct customer satisfaction surveys. Customer satisfaction has been maintained at a high level year after year.

First class service to maintain long-term customer relationships

A long-term customer relationship is part of the value of the joint macro chemical fiber, this value also strongly guide all of our actions. In order to build long-term customer relationships, our goal is to provide services that make our daily lives easier, more reliable and cost effective, including the ability to control high quality customer service. Our ability to invest in our people. Our vision is that our people are aware of the fact that they offer unparalleled service and build a true partnership with our customers.