Product Details


1. Product Name: Heating Yarn

2. Product weight: 160-600 g/m2

3. Product door width: 200cm-240cm

4. Main features: Fever fiber is a new material which can warm the body by itself.

    1. Fever: The effect of fever is achieved by absorbing moisture generated by human skin breathing.

    2. Moisture retention: The middle part of the fiber contains static air, which produces good insulation effect. It not only reduces the weight of the fabric itself, but also has excellent thermal insulation of the static air.

   3. Hygroscopicity: Using the capillary phenomenon produced by the fine grooves on the surface of the fibers and the special spinning technology, the excess water can be absorbed and distributed rapidly through the functions of pistil absorption, diffusion and transmission, so as to keep the body dry.

   4. Softness: imitate natural fibers in natural ecology, endow the fibers with innumerable breathable micro-holes, so as to achieve the soft and comfortable feeling of natural fibers. 5. Good pilling resistance: Using special spinning technology, the pilling resistance of similar yarns is improved a lot.

    5. Main Uses: Mattress Fabric, Simmons Fabric, Home Textile Cushion Cover Fabric, Pillow, Memory Pillow Fabric, Latex Pillow Fabric, Latex Mattress Fabric

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