Product Details


1. Product Name: Magnetic Yarn

2. Product weight: 160-600 g/m2

3. Product door width: 200cm-240cm

4. Main characteristics: The magnetic fibers are evenly arranged with micro-particles containing permanent magnets, so there is a magnetic field with North and South Poles on the surface of the fabric. The magnetic lines produced by these magnetic particles form a magnetic circuit from the North Pole to the South Pole. Many of the North-South magnetic loops and the magnetic lines emitted from these countless magnetic particles close to the edge of the fabric fibers are interwoven into an invisible three-dimensional magnetic wire network. This kind of omentum can stimulate and massage the close skin in an all-round way. Make skin surface in a micro-motion state to activate cell metabolism and promote body microcirculation. The magnetic lines emitted by the magnetic particles close to the acupoints can penetrate these acupoints. This bundle of invisible and senseless magnetic lines is like acupuncture and moxibustion in traditional Chinese medicine for physical therapy of the body at any time and anywhere.

5. Main Uses: Mattress Fabric, Simmons Fabric, Home Textile Cushion

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