What kinds of fabrics does the mattress have?


There are five types of mattress fabrics:

1、Palm mattress

Woven from palm fiber, usually hard or slightly soft.The price of the mattress is relatively low, the use of natural palm smell, poor durability, easy to collapse deformation, poor bearing performance, maintenance is easy to moth or moldy.

2、Modern brown mattress

It is made by adding modern adhesive with mountain palm or coconut palm, and has the characteristics of environmental protection.The difference between mountain palm and coconut palm mattress is: mountain palm toughness is good, but the bearing capacity is insufficient;The overall bearing force and endurance of coconut palm are relatively good, with even bearing force and relatively hard mountain palm.

3、Latex mattresses

Also divided into synthetic latex and natural latex: synthetic latex from petroleum, elastic and breathable enough;Natural latex comes from rubber tree, giving off a light smell of frankincense. It is more close to nature, soft and comfortable, and breathable. Moreover, oak protein in latex can inhibit the latent bacteria and allergens, but it costs a lot.


It is composed of double-sided mesh cloth and intermediate connecting wire. Double-sided mesh cloth determines the incomparable permeability of traditional materials.The intermediate connecting wire is a polyester monofilaments of 0.18mm thick, which guarantees the resilience of 3D mesh cloth.

5、Spring mattress

Is a modern commonly used, better performance mattress, its core by spring composition.The cushion has the advantages of good elasticity, better bearing, stronger air permeability and durability.Contemporary with the entry of foreign advanced technology and a large number of patent applications, spring mattress has been subdivided into many categories, such as independent bag bed nets, five areas of patent bed nets, spring latex system and so on, greatly enrich the choice of people.

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